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Salomé ArtHaus is a collective based in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn centered around the sharing of art and knowledge. We believe in cultivating a community that creates quality events and arts through innovative collaboration. By harnessing the creativity and skills inherent to our community we can enrich and uplift each other in countless ways.

 The Team

Ella, Tiffany and Mikhal met at Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2011 and formed a lifelong friendship. After graduating they relocated to Brooklyn and began to search for ways to combine their passions - creating art and producing quality events. These initiatives began as informal gatherings in friend’s living rooms and quickly took root as the center of a budding community.

Within a few months, they were managing several collaborative projects bringing together multi-disciplinary artists from the area to create new works and learn from each other.

 The Name

Salomé ArtHaus is named after Shulamit Eisenstadt, Ella's grandmother. Shulamit dedicated her life to the pursuit of art and knowledge. She loved finding connections between the old and new and reviving ancient traditions in forward-thinking ways. 



Drop us a line if you'd like to hear more  or if you have ideas and would like to share them with us. We're always excited to meet new faces and to expand our community!

Join Us!

All are welcome to join the Salomé ArtHaus community. We're a diverse, ever-changing group with individuals from a range of racial, religious, gender, and national identities. Our only rules are that our members respect one another and gather with open minds to hear one another out.



The Underground Sessions

Join us monthly for an intimate evening of sharing knowledge, food and wine.

At each Session, a Salomé ArtHaus member talks about a topic that is dear to their heart. Afterwards the entire group enjoys a community homemade meal.

Highlights include:

Meditation and Ice Cream

Dance Improv at the Beach

International Culture and Food Sharing

Art & Activism


Imagine a game of telephone, but instead of a phrase - we're using art.

ArtLinks pairs artists who create in different disciplines. The artists create pieces that respond to the work by the pair that preceded them. Once the chain is completed, the entire process will be exhibited at a local venue in Brooklyn, NY.

We are now running our second ArtLinks season, and will present the works in early November 2017.

Click to See ArtLinks 1

Click to See ArtLinks 2


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